HotBodyPal has been created with the desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Helping you achieve the fitness goals that you desire as well as giving back to those less fortunate by achieving goals as a community. HotBodyPal combines simplicity with performance to help you achieve realistic goals.

How it started

Elijah Tella

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Elijah is self driven and creative when it comes to finding innovative ways to contribute to and improve the society.

Hotbodypal is more of a lifestyle than a plan. Something simple that helps to meet and maintain a new level of fitness

His passion for fitness has driven him to create HotBodyPal app and in turn, help those that need help the most, that is why while you work out and reach your goals, HotBodyPal will donate a portion every month to a charity.


Peter Maraziotis

Founder & Chief Operating Office

Gym owner and Advanced Personal Trainer, Peter has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years. He has excellent experience when it comes to achieving the best results for his clients, specialising in body transformations and weight management.

My clients deserve the best that is why I am so passionality involved in HotBodyPal

Peter sees the fitness industry changing rapidly over the next few years and to better serve clients it is no longer good enough to pat them on the back. HotBodyPal gives you all the data you need to understand so that you can become the better versions of yourself.

Berti Munro

Chief Marketing Officer

Berti has a passion for marketing and all things digital, so when the opportunity was presented to be involved in HotbodyPal it was no surprise that Berti was onboard. Berti is an entrepreneur and is involved in multiple businesses.

Keep it super simple is my motto and HotBodyPal is exactly that!

Berti has always had a passion for sport from powerboat racing through to having a 10 handicap on the golf course.